It's my artwork!

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The Elf Detectives: The comic I did for the Stump Style contest.

This is a guest comic I did for Spooked as part of the Secret Santa exchange of 2004, along with a sketch of the cast.

It's group fan art for the "big shots" at Keenspace in the style of a famous Norman Rockwell painting!(And if you're wondering what Ghastly's doing, check this alternate version.)

A guest comic for Pockybot just to prove that I can do comics in color when I have the time!

A guest comic for Night and Day to explain where those scars really came from!

Artwork for the MUDrix story.

The boys from School Spirit.
"I reckon Mavis was eaten by a zombie! I can still smell it nearby!"

A guest comic for Super Fight Fight!

This cartoon features some spiky-haired characters from Keenspace: Owen from Paragon Fishing, Jamie, Digital War, Alex from Alex and Ilia, and my little guy, Cortland!

It's the obligatory picture of Keenspace's beloved admin, Kisai!

The guys from Comic Creatorz.

Ultra from Point Guardian.

Done for Mark Kingsbury of Hejhox!

The bad boys from Super Fight Fight.

The kids from Philosophy Bites.

Fan art created to ridicule our friendly neighborhood forum troll, Spoder Mon.

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