About Cortland

Cortland is the story of a young graphic designer and his adventures in the world of freelancing and Macintosh computers. His adventures are something of a cross between Dilbert and a Mac-themed version of the Da Vinci code, with plenty of Apple history working its way into the storyline. I started drawing it for the blog About This Particular Macintosh back in 2002 and didn't know where to stop. I drew the comic until 2008 and then kept many of the characters alive in a second comic called Out at Five.

About me

My name’s Matt Johnson, and I’ve been drawing comics online since I graduated from college in 2002. My endeavors eventually took me to Comic Genesis, where I made several great friends and learned a lot about making comics through the daily grind of producing Cortland every weekday. Together we had several comic meet-ups in St. Louis, Toronto, Minneapolis, Nashville, and even London, England. (We also held a comic meetup in our own home in Omaha, playing host to eleven or so other cool comic peeps.)

I’ve since gotten married and settled down in Omaha. I’m a graphic designer, and I use all the crazy experiences from my previous life to create Out at Five, which ran between March 16, 2009 and December 9, 2011. Our little daughter Hannah was born on November 22, 2011, which seemed as good enough a reason as any to take a break from the comic work. I may start drawing the comic again, but it will likely be with a new cast of characters.

If you want to contact me, the easiest way is email. You can also comment on comics right here on the site, so give it a try! Feedback keeps me motivated. ^_^

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